2011-06-30 Roskilde
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Author:  DrDark [ Fri Jul 01, 2011 7:51 pm ]
Post subject:  2011-06-30 Roskilde ... arvey.html
google translated: ... =&ie=UTF-8
"In her hands she had an auto harp - the old-fashioned hoe Board, which sounds like a mixture of electric guitars and egg sharing." :laugh:

clip of TV interview on Danish TV2: ... ml?forside
google translated: ... =&ie=UTF-8

2 more Danish reviews: ... Fpj-harvey
"Highlights: Last number "Meet Ze Monsta" which finally got some attitude and distortion at the concert.
Lows: The concert was at times a little too professional and impersonal. Additionally, there were probably a few dedicated fans who were a bit disappointed when Harvey did not play encores from her otherwise extensive repertoire. She delivered what she had, and she quickly left the stage after a concert with very few "thank you" ... se%2F50754

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