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PostPosted: Sun Nov 07, 2010 9:48 pm 
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[quote="bluesman"]Your initial list makes my eyes hurt Polly_Jean_Cave :wink: so if Melissa Auf der Maur is already on it, all appologies. I tossed in a quote to make it worth while just in case...

"It gave me goose bumps. it dared to be so withdrawn and trance-like for so long ... I loved it."

-Melissa on PJ Harvey's performance at the Wiltern Theatre.

Another Melissa Quote

Melissa Auf Der Maur: 'Oh, PJ Harvey. I saw her last night. She's staying at the same hotel I'm staying at this week. When she walked in the lobby yesterday I got this feeling in my stomach like, "Oh my god, there's PJ Harvey! This is so exciting." I always try to go to the shows. She's an incredible performer. It makes me emotional when I see her play'

Melissa Auf Der Maur: " Oh, PJ Harvey. I saw her last night. I don't know this song. Is this new? I haven't heard the new stuff, but how could you not recognize the sound?"

Melissa Auf Der Maur: "It's scary maybe to some oppressed men that don't wanna know about the witchy side of a woman. I'm sure it scares the hell out [of them]. For example, I've opened up for Offspring the past few weeks. At the New York City show, I got booed. They were like, "A psychedelic woman, what the f**k?" At the [PJ Harvey] show last night, I turned to my guitar player and said, "Imagine if she was opening up for the Offspring! What would happen?" She's even more out there and feminine. I'm pretty masculine, and those sexist macho a**holes in the [Offspring] crowd are like "Show us your t*ts! You suck! What is this?"

Melissa Auf Der Maur: ""I loved it but I wanted to hear '50 Ft. Queenie.'"


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Amanda Palmer of The Dresden Dolls about "Stories From The City, Stories From The Sea":

"I love much of PJ's work but this album is my favorite. I recently re-discovered it and it's even more fucking awesome than I remember.
All of her stuff is different: if you've tried 'Dry' or 'Rid of Me' and it's too heavy for you, or if you're tried the newer stuff and it's too minimal/weird for you, try THIS. The production, the songwriting, the vocals, all of it are PJ at her fucking best. The woman is a Goddess."

(found on her MySpace page)

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50 Ft JJ wrote:
Amanda Palmer of The Dresden Dolls about "Stories From The City, Stories From The Sea":

"I love much of PJ's work but this album is my favorite. I recently re-discovered it and it's even more fucking awesome than I remember.
All of her stuff is different: if you've tried 'Dry' or 'Rid of Me' and it's too heavy for you, or if you're tried the newer stuff and it's too minimal/weird for you, try THIS. The production, the songwriting, the vocals, all of it are PJ at her fucking best. The woman is a Goddess."

(found on her MySpace page)

More Amanda

Amanda Palmer(Dresden Dolls) "I hold things back that could possibly harm others. But no, I think deliberate intrigue is not my forte. I’ll leave that to PJ Harvey."

Amanda Palmer(dresden dolls): "Who's to say what would happen to PJ Harvey's record sales if she actually revealed herself and her thoughts? Or is her mystique part of what drives the business?"

Amanda Palmer(Dresden dolls): "yes. it’s totally possible. for every me there’s a pj harvey, nick drake and an elliott smith who doesn’t want to be the life of the party.
and the beautiful thing about THAT is that their fans, those who truly love their work and want to spread it, can now carry their music much farther the artist could themselves."

Brian Viglione(Dresden Dolls): "In their new clip Backstabber ( original version) you can see "P.J." on Braian's body."

Brian Viglione(Dresden Dolls): "Founding member, Jason Celat, also took great care in guiding Brian through the as of yet untread musical waters of Nick Cave, The Birthday Party, Diamanda Galas, Swans, Miles Davis' later work, PJ Harvey and the Gun Club."


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Beth Gibbons: "And by the time Poll romps home with 'Down By The Water', Beth from Portishead is screaming for more, waving her beer bottle aloft and dancing the lambada. Is it just spooky coincidence that the final four words on Portishead's last album were, "This mess we're in"? Hmmm. Never mind that for now. Because if born-again supervixen Polly can rock the Queen Of Darkness to her feet, imagine what she'll do for the rest of us."

Adrian Utley: "Adrian went on to say that the only decent release he rates from recent months is Polly Jean Harvey?s ?Stories From The City, Stories From The Sea? and blamed society and the music industry in general for the current lull in creativity."

Adrian Utley(Portishead): " Then a few years ago I was doing a session for Marianne Faithfull which Polly Harvey was producing and she had an AD30 with a 2×12 cab and I used hers in the studio. It was so totally brilliant – and not just for guitar… we played bass through it for certain things and that also sounded great.”

Garbage: "Play PJ Harvey's "Hardly Wait" before their set is due to commence"

Shirley Manson: "She's the bomb"

Shirley Manson: "She can sing the blues, a lot of white chicks can't do that. She does it in a really unique way. She's a true blues singer"

Shirley Manson: "I feel that she's influenced by the same people I am and that really bonds me to her desperately"

Shirley Manson: "I love everything she's ever done, I think everything's incredible"

Shirley Manson: "Every period of PJ I have adored"

Shirley Manson: "I just think she's amazing, a great singer

Shirley Manson: "She's likened herself to PJ Harvey. Unfortunately she hasn't the talent nor the grace to bless herself with"

Shirley Manson: "Massive PJ Harvey fan, this is one of the most anticipated records for me of the year." (referring to Is This Desire)

Shirley Manson(on what drew her To PJ): "Totally her voice, ya. I love her riot sounds and it's sort of got this sort of perfect mixture of male and female, and a lot of power and a lot of unability that I like."

Shirley Manson: "Just got hold of an advance copy of the new PJ Harvey record.It's FUCKING EXTRORDINARY!!!
Buy it.Buy a trillion copies.Keep it safe.Play it to EVERYONE.Play it to the children. Educate the masses.
This is my record of the year, holding hands with Eminem and pissing on the competion"

Shirley Manson: ""Woke up early and played the new PJ Harvey cd over and over ('We float' made me cry the first time I heard it.) whilst tidying up my hotel room."

Shirley Manson: "All the same, the songs seem to share a certain fascination with the darker side of the female psyche, leading some people to group Shirley with the scary women of pop, like PJ Harvey and Courtney Love. Shirley disagrees, "I don't think there's anything scary about them, I just think they're striking, they're individualists, and that upsets people at times. It frightens people because society in general makes us think we're not supposed to be like that. They're strong women and that intimidates men. "

Shirley Manson: "Who would you rather be stuck in a lift with - Courtney Love, PJ Harvey, Björk or Tori Amos?
PJ definitely. Firstly, I think she is unbelievably amazing; I just adore her records and I play them all the time. I think she's really underrated. I heard her on some radio show the other night and she's got a really beautiful, soft calm voice and think she wouldn't add to my frustrations at being stuck in a lift.

Shirley Manson: " Finally, In a section called "Artist's High-Fives". In it musicians of the
year pich 1998's top albums. Here are Shirley's top five:

1.PJ Harvey - Is This Desire ?
2. Hole - Celebrity Skin
3. Laurryn Hill - The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill
4. Vic Chesnutt - The Salesman and Bernadete
5. Outkast - Aquemini

Shirley Manson: "Best Recording Act: PJ Harvey, Lauryn Hill
Worst: Hootie and the Blowfish "(Alternative press 98)

Shirley Manson: "and Shirley used PJ Harvey as a prime
example of an amazing female artist who doesn't get

Shirley Manson: " "Moral courage turns me on for some inexplicable reason. You
know, really ballsy, smart women. I mean, historical figures like Eleanor
Roosevelt and Amelia Earhart really inspire me. Mary Queen of Scots is
kind of a tragic heroine. And I fell madly in love with people like Patti
Smith and Chrissie Hynde when I was young. And I love Bjork and PJ Harvey
now. Alice Walker, the writer, is just an amazing woman. There are just
so many! I find women on a daily basis really inspirational."

Shirley Manson: "Patti Smith,Siouxsie and the Banshees, Blondie,David Bowie,Velvet Underground,Billy Holiday,The Pretenders,Elvis Presley, Iggy Pop, The Duke and The King,Richard Hell and The Voidoids,The La's,Bob Dylan,John Lee Hooker, The Distillers, Fiona Apple,Grace Jones,Nick Cave,PJ Harvey" (influences from her facebook page)

Shirley Manson: "People I would like to see more of in 2011" - PJ Harvey- Have you heard her new song?! It's sublime!" (from her facebook page)

Shirley Manson: "Let England Shake" -You can pre-order PJ Harvey's new album on Itunes RIGHT NOW!!!!!!

And no I did not get paid for this endorsement.

But if you have already heard the exquisite single "Written On The Forehead" you will be as excited as I am by this glorious discovery!Listen to the single at least twice before you decide how you feel about it.

You will find it leaks into your brain and caresses your worries....... soothes your troubles.............

The Queen is back on TOP FORM.

Hallelujah!!! Hallelujah!! Hallelujah!! Something wonderful to listen to.(from her facebook page)

Butch Vig: "I like the new PJ Harvey record"

Duke Erikson(Garbage): ""PJ Harvey" (when asked who his favourite band was)

Josh Freese(The Vandals): "Yeah, well I did a little bit of work with PJ Harvey on the last Desert Sessions record but I'd like to do some more with her."

Chris Goss(Masters of Reality): "They’re usually people that I like. I think there has to be someone that’s making music that there’s something about it I like or did like at a particular time. There’s an interesting little story behind the Polly Harvey tracks. I was recording Mark Lanegan’s record and Polly came in to cut a track for that, and then she was in the high desert doing DESERT SESSIONS with Josh Homme and I stopped by. The two tracks that I wrote with Polly on that record we wrote and recorded them in two hours. And they were done. That one-take song was only performed once, that’s absolutely true. It was never rehearsed. I was playing some chords and Polly sat down back scene with her notebook, and I said ‘well’ should we go give it a shot?’ And we walked into the studio and sat in front of the microphone and ran through it. And the run-through was the take! It had never, ever been rehearsed for ten seconds before that. And after we finished that take, I heard all this applause coming from the studio and my first question was, ‘was the tape running?’ and they said yes. And I was very happy, and I think it was a testament to Polly whose power as a poet and a singer, on that particular track was something else. She was throwing her voice around the room, and moving back from the microphone and projecting her voice into a different corner of the room. And I swear it sounds like two vocal tracks being overlaid over each other. I mean it was a magic moment. It might be a cliché but it was sheer magic. It was like we had accomplished something pretty unusual.

Japandroids: "I feel we didn't give it everything we should have. I'm a little bit nervous for it to come out. One of the goals with the covers was to get the covers to a point where we would be proud to give them to the band [who conceived them], and be like, "We love your band and we did this." I don't know if I can give that one to Polly Jean. It should have been even better than that."

Japandroids(on whether she'll understand): "I hope so. We love that music so much and it's meant to showcase that."

Japandroids(on who else they would want in their band given the chance): " I want to sing? Nick Cave, obviously. PJ Harvey. Who else would we like? Um, Freddie Mercury."

Atticus Ross: "Polly Jean Harvey call me"

Atticus Ross: "I think that goth should be divided into "Goth" and "Nouveau-Goth." I think that someone like PJ Harvey is "Nouveau-Goth" and that's much more interesting. She embraces a much wider spectrum. With our record, it's almost like [on] some of the darker tracks we've tried to, not exactly "lighten"... but, we've tried to throw something in there which is..."

Brody Dalle(The Distillers): "We also listen to PJ Harvey"


Christina Martinez(Boss Hog, Jon Spencer's from Pussy Galore and Blues Explosion.. other band): "I listen to the Stooges and anything that Nick Cave does. I adore PJ Harvey …."

The Naked and the Dead: "My musical taste also runs the gamut from Cocteau Twins (still my all-time faves), PJ Harvey, Billie Holiday, to lots of various old jazz and blues."

Marty E Concussion(Dirty Pearls): "I set up an audition for some "chick band" (which I didn't mind....I'm not sexist, for God's sake! If PJ Harvey had called me up, I'd have died of a heart the way....Polly me! Hahahahaha)."

Steve Albini: " I recorded a remarkable album by the remarkable band PJ Harvey"

Steve Albini: "There hasn't been much written about your guitar playing, that's the first thing I noticed about your music, and something that's never talked about. The singing and the songs are nice but the rock is the most distinctive thing. You're a great and original guitar player" (select 93)

Steve Albini: "Polly was a wicked guitar player"

Steve Albini: "I still like that record. That's the only one (of the major records I've
produced) that I would ever throw on for entertainment now and again. I
think Polly is an amazing songwriter and I think she's a fantastic guitar
player. I keep hoping that she will gravitate to a fixed band arrangement
for her live performace and that she'll start writing music as part of a
band again becaause I think that's where she was strongest. But I have a
lot of faith in her and I think that whatever she's working on, she will
find something of substance in it. "

Steve Albini: "Of course it's progress for her. Personally I preferred the sound of the rock band, but Polly's no dope. She is making these incremental changes in her delivery and methods with open eyes, and she's very aware of how it changes the music. She is a genius, and I'm more than willing to wait for her experiments to pay off"

Steve Albini: "Every woman is a whore except PJ Harvey"

Todd Trainer(Shellac): "Todd's favourite PJ Harvey album is "Rid of Me"

Dave Gilmour(on whether anything current impresses him):" Not much does these days. I've been impressed by one or two Lemonheads songs, some PJ Harvey songs."

Robert Smith: "'Album of the year...Uh Huh Her by PJ Harvey. Favourite song would be Shame"

Robert Smith: "When we embark on an eight month tour next year, I've got know who's going to go mad and who isn't. The alternative was to do our own summer tour. We have to set it up ourselves and take our own lights, PA and crew. This way, we arrive, everything's set up, we play, we fuck off. It's much more interesting than doing your own tour, because we get to see other bands like Polly Harvey and Supergrass, whom I otherwise wouldn't have seen. Two real high points in the last month. "

Robert Smith: "Robert said that he wanted to see either Deftones, Dandy Warhols or PJ Harvey at the festival, but he wasn`t sure if he would eventually go, because he always had to talk to hundreds of people."

The Cure: "Were so impressed they extended an invitation for Polly to join them on tour. Morrissey, u2 and The Cure were all fighting over Harvey"

Miki Berenyi(Lush): "Like all that stuff with PJ Harvey!" remarks Miki. The artist was slagged
off and mixed up into all the riot grrl stuff, according to Emma. Miki
remembers reading all of that where PJ Harvey was slagged off "because
she wouldn't say that she was a feminist or something . People would
ask, 'Are you a feminist?' and she would say, 'No, I'm not, and I'm not fucking
interested either.' But even if she says she's not a feminist, not by this
little code book, you kknow we have to listen to her songs, and they're not...
you know, they're not idiotic songs. So if you took feminists as being
a strong female figure, then she's it. It's pointless to slag her off...
there's no denying it. She's got a helluva lot more pull and effect than
someone like Huggy Bear, as good as they can be. PJ Harvey's gonna hit
much more of a nerve with people, I think. . .""

Will Oldham: "I remember listening to City of No Sun from the amazing dance hall at louse point, that track really struck me. I remember thinking why would someone choose to sing a song like that way"

Will Oldham: " Album of the year- PJ Harvey- Is This Desire"

Will Oldham: "“love will protect you to the edge of the wood/and a monster will get
you/and love does no good.”"(excerpt from a song he wrote about her)

Will Oldham: ""Even If Love," as a whole, is for Polly..."

Will Oldham: "I wish I was Polly Harvey's manager sometimes. So great, and I'm sure her label and management don't understand why she's great, fully. And sometimes I feel like she doesn't understand why she's great because of that, because she has these weird buffer zones around her that are distractingly diffusing, and it keeps us from getting full access to how good she is."

Will Oldham: "liked the record pretty well, and I thought it was her best record of the past few records, for sure. I wasn't a big fan of the Stories record and Uh Huh Her. They were both good.. though it was nice to see her doing something that was more uniquely her, like White Chalk. Uh Huh Her seemed like her doing her, and Stories from the City seemed like her doing other people or something. But the records before that, like Is this Desire and Dance Hall at Rouse Point. (on White Chalk)

Will Oldham: " You don't know that record? That's the record where John Parish wrote all the music and she did all the singing. It's so amazing, and there's a weird moment in it that's very strange and disturbing where - and I feel like the label or she or somebody decided that maybe the record wasn't long enough, so they stuck a weird Mick Harvey produced cover of 'Is That all There Is,' the Lieber-Stoller/Peggy Lee song, which is okay, but Peggy Lee's version just fucking slays, destroys that. There's no reason for that to exist, and it's in the last third of the record, so if you ever listen to that record, I would just delete it because the rest of it works as this amazing piece - like, insane singing styles that she's doing, great lyrics. It's a superior record. And it's weird when you see people do work that's so far ahead to so many other things, and you know that the folks that they work with have no clue who they're working with, like the managers. (on dance hall..disagree totally about the Peggy Lee cover but each to their own)

Will Oldham: "Polly Harvey, totally fucking amazing voice, and maybe the most exciting voice to me of singers alive right now just because of the range and all the things she's willing to do with her voice, from like Diamanda Galas, to Björk and Barbara Streisand to Nick Cave, all dynamics thrown into one voice."

Will Oldham: ""I felt I was actively ripping her off with that song," Oldham chortles"

Will Oldham: ""Let's hit the button. Well, the first song that comes up is 'City of No Sun' from the 1996 album Dance Hall at Louse Point. When this came out I thought it was a really great record. I still think so. Vocally, it's one of the most exciting records in the past decade. There's whispers and sometimes there's screaming. [Sings] 'Love me tenderly my darling/...In the city of light and truth'. I've never tried to figure out why she sings the way she does or the intent behind it, but I guess there's a villainous aspect to it."

Will Oldham: ""Some of the older country singers have meant a lot to me. Closer to home, someone like Polly Harvey would be good. Her singing has always been very important to me." (on who he would like to collaborate with)

Peter Murphy(Bauhaus): "Peter chooses PJ Harvey's Man-Size"

Peter Murphy(Bauhaus): "Peter likes PJ Harvey"

Peter Gabriel: "Gabriel is listening to Polly Harvey's Man-Size from her latest album"

Warren Zevon: "Haven't really heard her. First couple of albums of P.J. Harvey's, I thought they were real, real great. I'm a little less fond of this new one, 'cause it sounds like the influence of Nine Inch Nails. I mean, they're fine, he [Trent Reznor] is fine. But I don't want to hear him as a influence on editing styles. I'm not interested in Quentin Tarantino's influence on swearing styles, either. [laughs] "James Ellroy Swearing School." [Harvey's] first two albums, Dry and Rid of Me, I thought were everything that alternative should be, because they were a little baffling to someone my age. But they were of a whole different kind of thrust of lyric point of view. And they were dissonant and weird.
For someone to be playing that way, it's like she's playing some kind of Bartok shit with that trio. And I thought that was magnificent. That fulfilled my highest ideas of what these young people are doing. It's kind of scary. I like that Frank Black kid, too."

Warren Zevon: "One of the best albums of the year" (on rid of me)

Heather Nova: "Heather, a PJ Harvey fan"

Chrissie Hynde: "Älbum of the year- PJ Harvey Is This Desire (98) (Chrissie's also been spotted at various shows during the desire and stories period)

Howe Gelb: "Gelb returned the favour by covering Harvey's 'Desperate Kingdom of Love' on Provisions"

Howe Gelb: "Polly, glad you could make it," says Howe running across the yard and clutching her tight." (I included that line because I thought it was cute ha ha)

Howe Gelb: "i had kept the interviewer waiting when i got a phone call from polly. we have not spoken is some time. when she finally checks in like this, time tends to stop and she becomes the narrator to whatever dream this is supposed to be. its mostly just 2 libras sitting on a hill.
we yammer and sigh and chuckle trying to top each other’s clever anecdotes. it’s a bit of magic for me.
there is something confusing about that woman.(from his tour journal)"

Howe Gelb: "We had a fantastic version of that song at the London show. We didn’t have a guitar hookup for Polly, so I gave her the CD player cued up to some white noise, the same that’s on the studio recording. I had it really loud, so I told her, “Polly, just push this button [laughs] when you want to kick it in, and hit it off when you want it to quit.” And it sounded great. At the end of the night we did Rainer’s “Losing Ground,” this monster version with everybody, and it was really beautiful."

Howe Gelb: ""No, but her I know her via John Parish. Polly and I appeared to have much in common. We feel us on our ease in each other's company. I am really mad about her and her performances. I am mad on her parents that I know good. As they Polly saw opgroeien, that layman on my relation with my daughter Patsy. Have you seen her? She is with me and walks here around here somewhere." (translated from dutch)

Howe Gelb: "Another perfect thing for supporting an instinct. It wasn't only that she didn't know Johny Hit And Run Paulene, but I think she hadn't even heard of X before. She's so young, I must forgive her. So I told yer about that group, one of the greatest forever, and about how important it was to me back in 1980. I guess when I heard Billy Zoom playing... that was the moment when I thought that possessing a Gretsch is the only thing that counts. The first two albums of X were real milestones in that story, also of my personal story. Polly was at my home with John Parish, our common friend, I made her hear the song and a few minutes before accompanying her to the airport I put a micro in front of her mouth, and she sang like that, in a hurry and furious. One take, and away. She was already late."

Howe Gelb: "We had a fantastic version of that song at the London show. We didn’t have a guitar hookup for Polly, so I gave her the CD player cued up to some white noise, the same that’s on the studio recording. I had it really loud, so I told her, “Polly, just push this button [laughs] when you want to kick it in, and hit it off when you want it to quit.” And it sounded great. At the end of the night we did Rainer’s “Losing Ground,” this monster version with everybody, and it was really beautiful.

Howe Gelb: "I lament the absence of polly during this run. I find it funny how much I miss her when she’s never usually there"


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^ Thanks for finding and entering all these great quotes about PJ! I remember finding the Amanda Palmer PJ reference and thinking that it was really perceptive.


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DrDark wrote:
^ Thanks for finding and entering all these great quotes about PJ! I remember finding the Amanda Palmer PJ reference and thinking that it was really perceptive.

My Pleasure! =) I shall continue.


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Patrick Wolf: "Joni and PJ have also been great inspirations musically. "Is This Desire" really gave me confidence to use my passion for the dark English winters and Thomas Hardy wild West country storylines and communicate that in song. “…Desire” is a real masterpiece, a very rare British one too"

Patrick Wolf: "The new PJ Harvey and John Parish album is genius.(2009)

Patrick Wolf: "I mean it's always a fantasy to work with someone like PJ Harvey or I don't know, let's see what happens really"

Patrick Wolf: "I always identified with Joni Mitchell records when she wasn’t in a relationship or Björk when she was doing Homogenic, or P.J. Harvey.

Patrick Wolf: "My influences include Joni Mitchell, PJ Harvey and Meredith Monk"

Patrick Wolf: "Then there are the greater people who’ve worked for about 10 or 12 years, people like PJ Harvey who are just, you know, total geniuses"

Patrick Wolf: ""PJ Harvey, Stockhausen and Leo Theremin are my most important influences"

Patrick Wolf: "PJ Harvey was a large influence. She is not fearfull and is English, She has an English tone to spread. " (again translated from dutch)

Patrick Wolf: "I have various female influences in my life. musically they are kathleen hanna, pj harvey, björk, kim deal of the pixies, the breeders - strong and fascinating women."

Patrick Wolf: "Inspirations for me were people like Grace Jones, I love how she acts on stage. Björk had been an inspiration as well, PJ Harvey, …"

Joey Burns(Calexico): " I think she's fantastic. Having toured with Giant Sand opening for her, I was blown away at every concert. Where is she right now?"

Tricky: "One thing me and Polly have in common is the blues" (??)

Tricky: "I'm a big big fan. I think she's wonder woman basically"

Tricky: "Like, someone who've I really fallen for recently is PJ Harvey. I think she's a genius. She's the first person I've ever heard who makes me feel that I know what it's like to be a woman. If I had the choice of working with anyone in the world then it would be her."

Tricky: " No way, man. It would have to be a whole album or nothing." (on whether he would like to do a duet)

Tricky: "Some people who've had dealings with the man will tell you about Tricky's wobbIy grasp on reaIity. The guy's a nut job, they chortle. They'll tell you about the time he turned up to DJ with a Tigers of Pan Tang album and a PJ Harvey 12-inch, or about his Brian Wilson-esque studio eccentricities, or just general lifestyle stuff."

Tricky: "There is a framed photo of Rakim (of Eric B &...) on the fireplace and a PJ Harvey poster tacked up on an otherwise bare wall. " (describing his place)

Tricky: " I hear something like the Polly Harvey album and it's so wicked that it makes me jealous. Sometimes I think that's all that keeps me going - bitterness and anger."

Tricky: "My favourite singers are Kate Bush and PJ Harvey"

Tricky: "It was Martina who introduced Tricky to rock music. He lists Nirvana, Henry Rollins and PJ Harvey as inspirations"

Tricky: " "Her lyrics are lust amazing, so fucking real, so clever... they totally hit the spot with me. What we've got in common is the blues - even on her first two albums, the fast rock stuff, it's still blues. We've talked about working together and we know we want to - that's the hardest part. She said we'll make time. We talked about working before, but no one ever had the time.
"I don't really know her; she's really quiet, a really nice girl. It's the first two albums I liked, because there was just no compromise about them - it's not about selling jeans or anything. I don't compromise, either."

Tricky: " PJ Harvey's wicked. PJ Harvey still uses a guitar with effect."

Tricky: " 'That is it! I'm a wannabe! One minute I
want to be a black guy, the next minute I wanna be PJ Harvey."

Tricky: "A lot of my lyrics are written from a woman's point of view, like 'Broken Homes'. That's why I need female vocalists. I wish I could sing like Janis Joplin or PJ Harvey. But I can't."

Tricky: "Yes, I would love to do another song with Polly! Because for me, she is the most talented person on the planet. And I've thought it for a long time. Then I would like very much to do an album with her. "

Tricky: "PJ Harvey has a big voice. She takes you. Just as the one of Kurt Cobain. But there are some finally little. Nina Simone and Billie Holliday of course. I like clumsy voices, not very false ones. "

Tricky: "“Polly Harvey still inspires me, lyrically, and people like Rakim and Public Enemy. I don’t listen to a lot of new music. The last album I bought was the Kaiser Chiefs for that one single [Ruby] and there was nothing else on the album! I find with a lot of new albums, they write two singles and then it’s over.” (2008)

Tricky: "When I got into the industry, if you signed Polly Harvey, that made you a credible A&R guy. Now if you don’t sign a hit, you lose your job. Tom Waits, if he just started now, wouldn’t get a deal"

Tricky: ": I’d always work with Polly Harvey. She is one of my favorite artists and I’m always, always, always, always up for working with her.on who he would like to work with in the future 2009)

Tricky: " There was 14 tracks on the album. I woke up one day with 13 in my head. I rung up my manager and said "look, there can only be 13 tracks on this album...I've been trying to contact Polly Harvey. I didn't know we were trying to contact each other. At the airport, two people in the line look like Polly. I shouted "Polly". She(the woman in the line) looked around and it's not her. So I walk into the plane and who do I see?...Polly Harvey sat there. She goes, Tricky! Where have you sat? I look at my ticket and it's 13H..." (CMJ magazine 2003)

Tricky: ""We're gonna do some songs together. We've kind of promised that for ages. I just love what she does--I'm a big, big BIG fan. I love the fact that she won't compromise at all." (Jan 97)

Tricky: "British outcast who loves Billie Holliday and PJ Harvey as much as he loves sluggish beats and sing along melodies."

Tricky: "Tricky quotes the first sentence of `oh my lover' (oh my lover,
don't you konow it's alright, you can lover, you can love me at the
same time) in `money greedy'.

Tricky: "Two that he hand-picked for the project are long time collaborator Martine and Polly Jean Harvey"

Tricky: "I like things that sound strange, so I wrote a song as a black woman from a broken home and let PJ Harvey sing it."

Tracy Bonham: "“It was really exciting,” she says. “I was only 24 and I was having a lot of fun, listening to the Pixies and PJ Harvey and screaming a lot.”

Steven Tyler: "Praised by Steven Tyler" (circa 93)

Lisa Marie Presley(Yick!): " Presley is a u2, Radiohead and PJ Harvey fan"

Juliette Lewis: "I love PJ Harvey. She’s one of the renegades especially for this generation, because before her it was Patti Smith, Grace Slick, Stevie Nicks, and Blondie. I love her music and her evolution; I love how she takes chances, I love her strange voice. I discovered her when I did that movie, actually, and I picked that song “Hardly Wait,” I brought it to the attention of the director. The director picked “Rid of Me,” and then there was going to be one other song. I just loved “Hardly Wait.”

Juliette Lewis: "She says that her favourite female artists are Beth Ditto, Joan As Policewoman, PJ Harvey"

Juliette Lewis: "Well, thanks for saying that. She’s the queen. She’s just such an artist of the higher kind, where they take risks.”

Juliette Lewis: "Lewis, who named her musical influences as Iggy Pop, Patty Smith, Grace Jones, David Lee Roth from Van Halen and PJ Harvey"

Juliette Lewis: ", while dark science-fiction thriller Strange Days
(1995) saw her playing a PJ Harvey-influenced rock star. "PJ Harvey
was who I was into at the time. I think she's a true original."

Juliette Lewis: "Did performing those PJ Harvey songs in Kathryn Bigelow's Strange Days
impact upon you? "Yeah, that was a thrill, but the director set a template and I stuck
to it. These songs now are my stories, my language."

Juliette Lewis: "I would say rather that I am constantly rocked by the same influences for years, by artists who have almost a sentimental value like Nina Simone, Tina Turner, Janis Joplin, The Who and P.J. Harvey."

More shortly


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Vincent Gallo: "I'm going to make another movie starting in late October. I'll
probably put Polly Jean Harvey in the film."

Vincent Gallo: " Gallo Spotted wearing a "I love PJ Harvey" shirt"

Vincent Gallo: " My beautiful white dog, my former friend Johnny Ramone and his gold-digging wife Linda, you gotta lover her though. She can't help it. My ex-girlfriend Vicki Clay has had moments of kindness too, but those moments come and go. The sex bunny PJ Harvey.(asked whether there was anyone he liked that was still alive)

Vincent Gallo: "no. but I like talking to her. I like my friendship with her. I should be so lucky to have a girlfriend like P.J"

Vincent Gallo: "which he stated that he has
grown fond of PJ Harvey's music and has become great friends with her in the course of taking in a few
concerts and dinners with the singer. The two (according to Gallo) plan to duet on an upcoming Lee
Hazlewood tribute album. They will perform "Come on Home to Me,"

Vincent Gallo: "Ï'll probably have music by Polly Jean Harvey"

Vincent Gallo: ""Let me bore you for a moment with the truth. My new friend is Polly Jean Harvey, P.J. Harvey. I like her the most of anyone. Any free time I have, I like to spend with her. She’s my only friend. No, we are not boyfriend and girlfriend. She could do a whole lot better than me."

Vincent Gallo: ""The only girl singer that I've ever seen dance good was Jill [Cunniff] from
Luscious Jackson," Gallo said, proving that flattery is still part of an
artist's repertoire, at least in some circles" Said the actor and independant film director at Harvey's Is This Desire Concert" (98)

Vincent Gallo: "I know you have 10,000 albums, but are there any new bands you like?" "PJ Harvey. The new Aphex Twin record is good. I still sort of like listening to the same 20 records that I've been listening to for years."


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Very nice to read all of the above! Thanks for your time and effort!

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Thanks a lot for this, Polly_Jean; must have taken a lot of time and effort.

I thought of the Robert Smith quote about 'Shame' being his favourite song of that year and I find you have already posted it here. I was wondering about some Tricky compliments and you found them too.

Still impressed with Polly getting compliments from those contrarians Mark E Smith and Johnny Lydon. Mark is rarely complimentary about his own bandmates, past and present!

Wiggins is so superbly unassuming, he looks like he's about to say 'Pop the gold medal in the post, I'm nipping out for some biscuits'

Mark Steel

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Gordon Gano: "Warren Bruleigh, who also co-produced Under The Sun , who I’ve done a lot of records with over the years, he’s great to work with; I think that he had suggested PJ, which was a great suggestion."

Matt Bellamy(Muse) "When asked which celebrity Matt would like to shag he replies "erm......I don't know...Madonna? Laughs.. That'll do!......PJ HARVEY!"

Tanya Donnelly(Belly, Throwing Muses): "Tanya Donelly's expressed her admiration for her"

Tanya Donnely(Belly, Throwing Muses): "I don't really buy records now, but the last one was PJ Harvey's 'Dry'

Kim Deal: "Deal gushing about Harvey's Dry back in 92"

Fred Schneider(B-52's): "I had liked his work with PJ Harvey. I didn't know if he would be interested in producing something by me."

Norah Jones: ""Norah picks PJ Harvey's Uh Huh Her as one of her favourite albums of the year." "I'd always known her name, but just recently started listening to her. I can't get enough. She's quickly become one of my favorites. I also love Stories from the City, Stories from the Sea."

Nikki Sixx: "Um, if I go through my... hold on. [sounds of unzipping] Let me see here... in my CD case I've got Aerosmith Draw The Line, Jeff Buckley, JoDee Messina, Guano Apes, first Aerosmith album, Physical Graffiti by Zeppelin, Imagine by John Lennon, Queens Of The Stone Age, Eleven, Skynyrd's Gimme Back My Bullets, P.J. Harvey, Hole's Celebrity Skin, Rasputina, Faith Hill, Mazzy Star, got some AC/DC High Voltage, Whitesnake's Slide It In, and what's next here? What is that? Aerosmith Rocks. [sounds of zipping] I listen to quite a variety." (when asked what was in his cd player)

Nikki Sixx: " i just wondered over to this mall and got p j harvey's album rid of me.. and a new book...rules of prey by john sanford"

Nikki Sixx: "He then sees P.J. Harvey, Disturbed and The Donnas play live across three days"

Nikki Sixx: "Nikki Sixx, Motley Crue " listened mostly to according to in the year 2000: 1.PJ Harvey, Stories from the town center, Stories from the Sea 2.Queens OF the Stone Age, R 3.Marvelous 3, ready Sex Go 4.James Michael, Inhale 5.Donell James, Where I Wanna fuel element 6.Eleven, Avantgardedog 7.Lo-Fidelity of all star, How ton of Operate with A Blown Mind "

Jon Bon Jovi: "Jon's professed his admiration for PJ Harvey before"

Ed Kowalcyzk(Live): "I remember watching PJ Harvey every night, and what emerged throughout the summer was so great"

Ed Kowalcyzk(Live): "We were soaking each other up. We joked that my record was going to sound like Polly and her next record was going to sound like Live. When we put out secret smadhi, what I feel is a lot of the madness of that record was inspired by what I got from her from that tour"

Ed Kowalcyzk(Live): "PJ Harvey is the real thing, she's all soul"

Chad Taylor(Live): "Jumped on stage to play 50 ft Queenie for Harvey"

Ed Kowalcyzk(Live): "I stole the idea from Polly Harvey, who stole it from Gary Glitter." (referring to her tuning her guitar to all A's)

Patrick Dahlheimer(Live): "I really dug the last Black Crowes record and P.J. Harvey's last."

Patrick Dahlheimer(Live): "Patrick Dahlheimer's Desert Island 5
PJ Harvey - Is This Desire?
Stan Getz - anything
Live - The Distance to Here
Red Hot Chili Peppers - Freaky Styley
Led Zeppelin - anything"(What an egoist! Has his own album in the list)

Louise Post(Veruca Salt) "She partly inspired the our song Shutterbug"

Louise Post(Veruca Salt) "PJ Harvey's Dry caught Post's attention"

Louise Post(Veruca Salt) "Like after hearing the first side of PJ Harvey's first album Dry, I was so overwhelmed I had to turn it off. Now I love the record, but it's in its place. I understand what it is and I'm no longer threatened by it."

Mic Jogwer(Pink turns Blue): "Influences include JOY DIVISION because crude, melodious and profound. THE SMITH, PJ HARVEY, SISTERS, PIXIES, SONIC YOUTH, the early SIOUXSIE, building house, a couple CURE songs, JESUS & MARY CHAIN, MY BLOODY VALENTINE, HUSKER YOU...

Tracy Thorn(Everything but the girl): "PJ Harvey. I do sometimes envy the ability to rock out. In other moods, I feel I would just like to be Jake Shears really - a completely exhibitionist, sequined entertainer, but with depth" (when asked what artist she would like to be if she could be an artist which is of another genre

Marina & The Diamonds: "Oh I love the Distillers, Patti Smith, PJ Harvey. I'm really attracted to people who have a slight DIY tactic, who have a human live imperfection."

Marina & The Diamonds: "Also this is way back but PJ Harvey's 'White Chalk."

Marina & The Diamonds: "“On my own I guess I listen to PJ Harvey, I like Daniel Johnson, No Doubt and Britney. You know how musicians listen to a record to get"(?????)

Marina & The Diamonds: "'Who Influences you? Strong, driven people. Patti smith, PJ Harvey, Madonna, The Distillers, Daniel Johnston, Nirvana, No Doubt, Dolly Parton"

Marina & The Diamonds: "Um, probably because of the stuff that I always listen to I would say PJ Harvey or Fiona Apple, probably Regina Spektor actually, so yeah, I guess you could compare us. But, I dunno, I never really think about that, maybe it's a good question."

Marina & The Diamonds: " didn’t buy another album until I was 19, when I got into quite rough female singer-songwriters, like Patti Smith, PJ Harvey and Juliana Hatfield, who I really love. "

Marina & The Diamonds: ""For example, PJ Harvey. She's not easy work. You have to listen to her work quite a bit to really appreciate it, and I like that kind of artist."

Marina & The Diamonds: "“I love people like Dolly Parton, Patti Smith, Polly Harvey, Fiona Apple and Daniel Johnston. I didn’t listen to a lot of music though when I was a kid, it was more Greek classic singers"

Marina & The Diamonds: "“I don’t feel an affinity with girls in pop. I feel an affinity with PJ Harvey, Shirley Manson, Patti Smith, Brody Dalle from the Distillers, Juliana Hatfield, women who don’t rely on their sexuality to provoke. It’s a lot harder to follow an artistic route.”

Marina & The Diamonds: "Marina cites PJ Harvey as her biggest influence. "I have massive respect for her, such an amazing artist who never cared about being mainstream, or succeeding on a level of money and fame. That's the way to be with art."

Marina & The Diamonds: ""I think I will have a Juliana Hatfield or PJ Harvey moment one day, where I'll just record in my bedroom with an electric guitar and it'll sell two copies."

Marina & The Diamonds: ""People have said that I sound like Kate Bush and yet I never listened to her when I was growing up and haven't really since. My early memories are of Patti Smith and PJ Harvey and they were my initial inspiration, as it were."


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I've also edited and added to many of the past quotes from people that I'd only recently found.


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Heaps more quotes added throughout the thread. What I am trying to do is add the entries according to the list. I'll do another entry shortly.


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Ane Brun: "No, I hadn't really started writing anything, so I played mostly Ben Harper, Ani DiFranco, Joni Mitchell, pj harvey... my favourites at the time. I tried to play them as well as I could."

Ane Brun: "It was here, while working full time in a record shop, that she acquired one of her treasured possessions - a giant poster of PJ Harvey. "I've had it on every wall since, and that was 12 years ago!" she grins. "Last year I finally got it framed."

Don Waller(Imperial Dogs): "PJ Harvey. (I'm a big fan but not of all her stuff)"

K.d. Lang: "Pressed further on new directions and influences in her current work, lang cites a combination of cutting-edge women artists and new-wave British bands - particularly PJ Harvey, Oasis, Blur and Radiohead. "It's their unadulterated disregard for seriousness. There's something about the pop aspect of that which really turns me on," she enthuses. "

Ana Matronic(Scissor Sisters): "She's had the oportunity to meet some of her idols like PJ Harvey"

Alan Anton(Cowboy Junkies): " We're all influenced by the 60'S and early 70'S stuff - Dylan, Neil Young, Velvet Underground especially - 70'S punk was also big for us - Joy Division, The Fall, The Cure especially. These days we listen to a wide range of stuff - O.V. Wright to P.J. Harvey. ""

David Byrne: "The last tour you did was very
theatrical. I saw it here at The Academy. I thought
it was great." (his interview with her circa the "is this desire" era)

David Byrne: "" she practically brought the whole audience--which included David Byrne to their knees"

Bob Mould(Husker Du): “Oddly no. I don't think I have to deal with that. And I agree with what you said about PJ Harvey, I think that speaks a lot about the power of the early works, that people want her to project and want her to portray like that. "

Green Day: "We were so excited to be playing with people like Iggy Pop andd PJ Harvey"

Afghan Whigs: "Afghan whigs (used to) regularly pay homage to pj harvey by covering
a fragment of sheela-na-gig during their live shows."

Beck: "She's great"

Beck: ""I'm not a critic," Beck said. "I don't have her new record - I thought it
was a great show." (stories era)

Beck: "celebs were in the crowd including.. Beck" (Is This Desire? tour)

Michael Stipe: " Certain groups and artists make me feel very competitive, in a sweet way. I would add Grant Lee Philips, Natalie Merchant, Polly Harvey, Björk, Q-Tip, Patti Smith and Courtney Love to that list. If one of those people writes a song that moves me to tears I play it over and over again in the car, and when I sit down to work I've got that song in the back of my head. It keeps me on my toes.

Michael Stipe: "Stipe was asked if he listened to a lot of other people's music while he makes his own record, and said he tended not to, for good reason. "“But my fear is that I would steal something [from another artist] without knowing. ‘I'm so brilliant ... No, Polly Harvey is really brilliant, and I stole that from her!’”

Michael Stipe: "I mean, there are so many
people that I would love to, like, be them for one day. Just to see what
goes through their heads. Margaret Thatcher the ex-Prime Minister of the UK. James Dean.
George Bush. P. J. Harvey. I would love to find out what motivates these
people. Patti Smith. I'd love to find out what makes them do the things
that they do"

Michael Stipe: "There's a rumour you've worked with PJ Harvey? "No but I'd love too. I think she's amazing.

Michael Stipe: "“The way in which people interpret my texts is not important as a whole. I unceasingly seek to improve as well the writing of the texts as my scenic services. These awkwardnesses push me to evolve/move to reach the degree of perfection of people whom I admire like Patti Smith. Pj Harvey or Liz Phair, which are based on autobiographical elements to write their texts. In what relates to me, the personal capital contribution is tiny and I always test that the history is comprehensible by the greatest number. (he should be shot for mentioning her in the same sentence as that useless tripe liz phair!)

Michael Stipe: " Radiohead, Patti Smith, U2, Bjork, Polly Harvey, Grant Lee Buffalo, Hole. They inspire and challenge me and make me want to write better. I feel so lucky that I know these people, that I get to talk to them, be angry at them, tell them when they do something I think is really great. I get to tell them my opinion. It inspires me to do better work. "

Michael Stipe: "Stipe also rated the new PJ Harvey and Patti
Smith albums"

Michael Stipe: "Atlanta was really off the map, which meant that you had no choice but to do your own thing, a bit like how PJ Harvey comes from Dorset and sounds like nobody else,"

Michael Stipe: "Michael gushes about PJ Harvey's "To Bring You My Love"

Michael Stipe: "My job is to subvert from within. I know that Eddie went through the same thing. I know that Kurt went through the same thing. And I know that Thom went through the same thing. I suspect that Polly Harvey went through the same thing. And there is a grace with which you can kind of approach and attack that kind of a problem. Part of it comes from that D.I.Y. punk mentality that I know every one of those people carry with them"

Michael Stipe: "even Polly Harvey, with the new thing she's doing, which I completely applaud, you know. I've seen her live four times now, and I was nothing short of completely mesmerised and blown away. I think she's pulling off schtick that nobody else could get away with. She's doing it in a way that I... absolutely, totally ballsy, totally pushing the envelope, totally making people question, you know, all kind of things about the songs, about identity, about her as a person. She's doing a great job. But that's not what we are and that's not what I am."

Michael Stipe: "The people [I'd like to work with] include Grant Lee Phillips, Patti Smith, Polly Harvey, U2, Radiohead, Courtney Love... Bj�rk, for God's sake. When they release a record, it raises the bar for me. I say, "Wow, if they can do that, then by God, I can do it, too." It's really motivational. "

Michael Stipe: "I wouldn't survive ten minutes on "American Idol". I've seen that, and it's brutal.' He spends the next 60 seconds reeling off, very slowly, a list of people who do have perfect pitch. "Thom Yorke. Natalie Merchant. Grant-Lee Phillips. Polly Harvey. Tori Amos. As comedians, he adds, both Eddie Izzard and Chris Rock have perfect pitch"

Michael Stipe: " "I'm Polly Jean Harvey" (94 rough cut)

Michael Stipe: "Vulnerability is something that is denied to men by our society. It seems to be a trait that is more connected to the women. But for a singer and songwriter, vulnerability is an ideal prerequisite. In general though, I�m not shy, only maybe more of an observing rather than an active person. My job often demands that I talk to many people, so I've learned to be more sociable. I know only very few artists that are REALLY shy, Polly Harvey being an example or Thom Yorke of Radiohead. "

Michael Stipe: "Is your music influenced by any contemporary bands?" "The fact that I consider Radiohead and Polly Harvey contemporaries, its unusual because they haven't been around as long as R.E.M., obviously, they haven't made so many records as we do, but for me when I think of that bands, there is a very close connection"

Michael Stipe: "There's a sweet competition between me and Bono, Thom Yorke, Patti Smith, Grant Lee Philips, Natalie Merchant, Polly Harvey, Courtney Love and every time that I hear a song that is an amazing song, I may do something insane, a reaction so bizarre, that makes my heart move and that makes me think I can do better and better and so I try."

Michael Stipe: "polly harvey has a new record. patti smith has a record that everyone needs to buy."

Michael Stipe: ""There was one we played back in 1995, with Jeff Buckley, Polly Harvey, us, I think Belly were on the bill, a bunch of really good bands."

Michael Stipe: ""There are people out there who are doing work, really when they do something great, I'm like, I'm just like, 'God damn it. You know, that's great.' It makes me want to do better...Natalie Merchant of course, and Thom Yorke, Patti Smith, Q-Tip, Grant Lee Phillips, Courtney Love, Bono, PJ Harvey, Bjork. That's a short list. Those guys do something that is really brilliant and it raises the bar for me as a lyricist and it makes me want to be my best and do my best. And I call them on the phone and cuss them out, except I don't know Polly Harvey that well."

Tiffany Anders: "Tiffany Anders has scored a pretty nice coup for an unknown singer-songwriter: She's the first artist to have an album produced by alt-rock heroine Polly Jean Harvey. But when the Los Angeles native initially met the Englishwoman, she was overshadowed by her mom, filmmaker Allison Anders.
The more famous Anders, a heroine herself in the independent film world with such gritty movies as "Mi Vida Loca" and "Gas Food Lodging" among her credits, got to know Harvey first after being invited to a couple of her L.A. concerts.
"My mom called me up and said, 'You've got to meet her, you would just be so inspired by her,' " recalls Tiffany Anders, 26, a professional nanny who left L.A. for Seattle before moving to New York two years ago. "I already totally knew all of her stuff and really, really liked it."
One evening in New York, the younger Anders, her mother and Harvey went to dinner together. But the two musicians didn't bond instantly. "I was definitely the third wheel," the soft-spoken Anders says with a giggle. "It was like, 'OK, what am I doing here?' "
A few days after their first meeting, Anders ran into Harvey on the street and handed over a copy of her four-track demo tape. Apparently the songs' naked emotion resonated with Harvey. "She was so supportive," Anders says. "She came to all of my shows."
After Harvey repeatedly offered more assistance, Anders finally took the plunge.
"I said, 'Actually, would you be interested in producing?' She just looked at me and said yes," Anders recalls. "It was really exciting that she didn't even [hesitate]."

Tiffany Anders: " It was a compliment enough that Polly liked my music", Anders said "But she also taught me so much (about musicianship and the business). I felt it was some lucky, crazy thing that happened. It was magical"

Tiffany Anders: "Says Anders, "She encouraged me to play all my guitar tracks, and then she did the kind of filler stuff. She was totally right on with that."

Peaches: "Peaches frequently cites PJ Harvey as an influence"

Peaches: "Peaches presently spinning PJ's Dress"

Peaches: "Debbie Harry, Iggy Pop, Yazoo were very importantly for me, later also PJ Harvey."

KT Tunstall: "One of my favourite things about PJ Harvey is that she doesn't approach her job as a woman, She approaches her job as a musician and that's something I definitely aspire to. It's not that different gigging as a woman than as a man. You get up and you rock out and you do your best and you express yourself."

KT Tunstall: "PJ Harvey's "Is This Desire" is in her top five albums"

KT Tunstall: "Her name is a homage to her icons Kate Bush and PJ Harvey"

KT Tunstall: "Her real name is Katie Tunstall; she adopted the stage name KT in homage to another uncompromising heroine, PJ Harvey. These are proper artists, ones who let their brains and their words – not their hips and hair extensions – do the talking."

KT Tunstall: "cites influences ranging from James Brown to PJ Harvey."

KT Tunstall: "The Flaming Lips, Bowie, The White Stripes and PJ Harvey are among my favorites."

KT Tunstall: "my name on my birth certificate is Kate, but there were a lot of Kates and Katies around already so I wanted something eye-catching...and I'm a massive PJ Harvey fan!"

KT Tunstall: "‘I’m looking for the edge, like PJ Harvey or Patti Smith. And I’m glad I’m a bit longer in the tooth than some. I know what I want’"

KT Tunstall: ""PJ Harvey is the only female in Britain making really brilliant, cutting-edge music. I’m sure there are other women doing it, I just haven’t heard it. She’s a huge icon of mine; I love her attitude. I’ve been told I’m getting a reputation for being a bit fiery, but I’m really glad I have an attitude about my music. That’s how music should be, regardless of your gender. It’s easy for women in the industry to fall prey to being a woman instead of just approaching the music as a musician. PJ is very sexy and she really uses that, but her music is actually fairly genderless. I love that."

KT Tunstsall: "I know it sounds weird, but the kind of music I write
isn't the kind of music that I listen to, which is
quite underground, left-of-centre stuff like PJ Harvey
and Tom Waits. Once I'd got to grips with that, I
could kind of get on with things"


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Feist: ""Lyrically, I don't ever want be too prosaic. I like to leave room for interpretation. I like to plant seeds and leave trapdoors open. I love listening to Bonnie Prince Billie and PJ Harvey -- their songs are intriguing. I don't want to ever be behind a podium."

Feist: "a friend gave her tapes of melodic indie artists like P.J. Harvey, Portishead and Luna. She saw her musical future."

Jonathon Segel(Camper Van Beethoven): "We made up the song in a few hours. Jonathan tagged on a very discouraging message to him from PJ Harvey, rejecting his suggestion she sing on his solo album."

Jonathon Segel(Camper Van Beethoven): " I was intimidated by the Sparklehorse peer group (Radiohead, PJ Harvey!) and their creative output. "

Jonathon Segel(Camper Van Beethoven): "But the down side was that while touring with Sparklehorse, their peer group were some of my musical heroes, people that have made intense impact on my own music like Radiohead and PJ Harvey, and after playing with or hanging out with these people I would get off tour and go home to work on my own stuff and think it was shit by comparison. "

Jonathon Segel(Camper Van Beethoven): "[BREAK] (voice of PJ Harvey):
[A] “Hi Jonathan, this is Polly, er, got your call, and thanks very much for sending that CD and demo tape that Ann? showed my Mum?. Erm, I listened to the tape and, er, I don’t feel that it’s the right kind of thing for me to be doing, it’s just not, I don’t feel the mood is right for me, so I, I’m sure you’ll understand. Erm, it was real good to see you the other day. Errm, I-I hope it all goes well for you, and er. (from his


Tenacious D: "Spotted at Harvey's gig" (stories era)

Mark Oliver Everett(Eels): "I sure do enjoy that new PJ Harvey record produced by my friend John Parish. It’s one of those records where one of the greatest compliments you can feel as an artist is sheer jealousy. [Laughs] I listen to it and I’m like, “Fuck.” You know?"(2007)

Mark Oliver Everett(Eels): "The greatest compliment an artist can give is to express feelings of deep, bitter jealousy. When I first heard PJ Harvey's White Chalk, a wave of envy washed over me, growing greater as each incredible track started and finished. I would like John Parish and Flood, the co-producers of White Chalk, to produce my next album. And I'd like Polly Harvey to write, sing and perform the songs. I'll check in now and then to see how it's going."

Juliana Hatfield(Blake Babies): " I like PJ Harvey a lot; her first album was a big inspiration to me. I mean, I was already doing it at that point, but I was really, really into her album"

Juliana Hatfield(Blake Babies): " Hero of 92- "Polly Harvey"(Spin 92)

Juliana Hatfield(Blake Babies): " I was inspired by different females along the way. I remember back around the time of my first album for Atlantic, the one with “My Sister” and “Spin the Bottle” on it; I was very into PJ Harvey’s first album, Dry. I was really, really kind of obsessed with it"

Sepultura: "Pick PJ Harvey's "Good Fortune" for their guest appearance"

Wes Borland(Black Light Burns, Limp Bizkit): " The guitarist said, "My favorite singers are PJ Harvey, Fiona Apple, Trent Reznor, Maynard James Keenan, Perry Farrell, Mike Patton, so if we could get anyone who combines any of their qualities,
they'd be perfect."

Wes Borland(Black Light Burns, Limp Bizkit) "No, not yet, but we do have a cover that we haven't played...we are gonna do “Art of Self Defense” by The Jesus Lizard & “Rid of Me” by PJ Harvey..they are the one’s we’ve rehearsed."

Wes Borland(Black Light Burns, Limp Bizkit): "Wes is a big fan of PJ Harvey and Sonic Youth"


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