Flashback to 1993, Rolling Stone article
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Author:  Hell and High Water [ Fri Jul 03, 2020 7:33 pm ]
Post subject:  Flashback to 1993, Rolling Stone article

I don't remember reading this before, this was before I had discovered her. A copy of this issue of Rolling Stone went up on eBay, if you're interested it is here:

I am not, I don't need to collect these old magazines. But I checked and it is now online, so I got to read it for the first time. Interesting in that she is so much more open here (at age 23) and speaks freely about how the band with Vaughn and Ellis is crumbling and she is already planning ahead. Rid of Me is out, but they don't discuss the new material much, notably, they talk about how she won't be performing some of the old material.

An excerpt:

Where only six months ago, Harvey’s severe mien, black turtlenecks and prim bun made her look like the Generation X version of Jules Feiffer’s modern dancer, her playful new radiance is now also manifest in the colorful costumes and makeup she’s performing in for the first time. She had so much fun clowning in what she describes as the ”Fifties housewife gear” that allowed her to assume the identity of a man-eating horror-movie giantess on the video set for the single ”50 Ft. Queenie,” she incorporated the loony sunglasses, leopard-skin coat and gold lamé pumps into her stage wardrobe and ordered other get-ups, including a sparkling Lurex gown and feather boa that reflect her improved, if varied, moods.
These costumes aren’t sexy,” Harvey explains. ”They’re ridiculous. They’re funny. And that’s why I like wearing them. When I was younger, I used to dress up all the time – in Mum’s clothes. Then I got serious. And wore black.”

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