Hey...Nice to meet you
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Author:  bluesman [ Thu Jan 14, 2010 6:58 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Hey...Nice to meet you

mart wrote:

we have floods (puddles), hurricanes (strong breeze), drought (no rain for a week), heat waves (32o +), major snow disruption (more than 2") & don't even mention the leaves on the train lines bring us to a halt!!! :???:
but it's still a great place to live though :wink:

Been over twice, I love it accross the pond. I think one of the trips was during flood season :wink:

Author:  cat on the wall [ Mon Jan 18, 2010 9:37 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Hey...Nice to meet you

RichR wrote:
Just thought id finally introduce myself to you people of very fine taste! I was lovin' it finally getting onto this forum :P Where are you all from?

I'm Rich from Chester, UK. I joined this forum as I love to discuss music, film and art which I feel passionate about and believe to be special. All of PJ's output has simply been unique and about as satisfying as music gets for me nowadays: moody, sexy, atmospheric, dark, the purest white or just brute in your face rock. I love it. I also hope to find special tracks/bootlegs which I am yet to find through this forum. I spent ages getting the B-Sides and LOVE the dry demos I finally found. Made me think there are other treasures hiding out there.

I fill a lot of my time listening to music, especially new releases, but don't always get to really discuss the artists I love the most with my friends. I love Last FM - its all about discovering new artists. I love that! It seems I have quite a specific sound which hits the spot for me. I love trying to read 'in-between the lines' on tracks and like to believe musicians as also a kind of storyteller. Nick Cave springs to mind here first. If anyone fancies a gander, I've listed my favourite bands/artists below. This obviously changes frequently over time but I'm one of these people that likes lists: anyone seen High Fidelity? Like that :laugh:

Anyway (in no particular order of preference):

Radiohead,Sigur Ros,Bjork,The Cure,Tom Waits,Bob Dylan,Alice in chains,Belle and sebastian,Nine Inch Nails,Massive Attack,Manic Street Preachers, Jeff Buckley,Pearl Jam,Sonic Youth,Opeth,Joy division,Queens Of The Stone Age, Kyuss, David Bowie,PJ Harvey / with John Parish
Neil Young,Rolling Stones,Smashing Pumpkins,Muse,Led Zeppelin,Mars Volta,Trail Of Dead,Tool,Aphex Twin,Jane's Addiction,Portishead
Cat Power,Nick Cave,Mark Lanegan,Noir Desir

My current 5 most played PJ songs are:Joe (all versions I have), The Devil, 66 Promises, Angelene and A Perfect Day Elise
White Chalk is my favourite album at the moment though.

I also love the rip of 'The Last Living Rose' I found. Very excited about the next record.

Anyway, I intended this to be short but its turned into a laboured monologue. Sorry bout that.

Have nice Fridays in the snow (if in UK) listening to White Chalk. I did that today. Worked well! :shades:

Cool meeting you hey welcome! :grin:

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