Let Youth France Shake?
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Author:  head's_bullet [ Sun May 08, 2011 8:19 pm ]
Post subject:  Let Youth France Shake?

Reading this makes me flinch... ... o-londres/

Since march the news show that extreme right, headed by that bitch troll from hell Marine Le Pen, is almost on the top of public opinion for the presidence in 2012 in France. I wonder what the fuck is going on with the youth of this country, this is terribly sad. In the end of April, Le Pen kicked out a young party election candidate ... azi-salute
who is explicitly a neo-nazi.
This dosnt fool me about all the dark hordes of deranged neo-nazis that for sure are infiltrated on her party.

We are just in may but is time for youth there start to move. Is really scary this happening in a country such as France with its traditional history of socialism and human rights. If you let votes for old people to decide what is best for the country is what happens... for sure Le Pen is heading coz of old scary ppl. Wake up french youth :S

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